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We are glad you visited this page!, Welcome back with us. Your visit to this page means that you intend to share with us the march of success and our mission to make the Egyptian Export Center a better place!

We hope that you will spend time reading the about us page to get to know us and our approach in our company, Organic for Import and Export, to understand us better and closer.

as a professional marketer

You have a commission of up to 10% from each referral of a client who contracts and imports from our export products.

Owner of a site

In the event that you have a blog, website, forum and have a good number of visitors, and good content, (the best part of the site is to publish our export products, our services, pictures and videos of our products, the latest publications) for a commission of up to 15% from each referral of a client who contracts and imports One of our export products.

As the owner of a commercial agency, broker or technical services

In this case, you will work with us with a contract signed by both parties that preserves the rights of everyone, and you will receive excellent commissions

From each client you refer to the platform and subscribe to it, or your agency/institution registers him through it. (The contract contains other clauses to benefit more, please contact us)


Media Partner

If you are a media manager or work for a media channel intermediary, a YouTuber who owns a YouTube channel, or a media official for an initiative, exhibition, conference, or forum that revolves around the issue of exporting all kinds of Egyptian products such as agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical and manual market news, e-commerce, and business websites Online trading and so on.

You will get from Organic Import and Export an excellent return if you have a desire to increase your income, and we also offer partial sponsorship to some of these sites and companies. Please contact us

Each of these levels receives seasonal discounts, coupons and various discounts according to the activity and efficiency and as an encouragement from Organic Import and Export and for your participation more in our journey towards making Egypt's Export Center a better place!


These percentages are applied in each case of an export operation, and the payment process for the export shipment is completed and received without any cancellation. Marketers get their percentages every month starting from the date of the customer’s receipt of the shipment and follow-up to ensure his satisfaction with the products of Organic Import and Export.

Partners/marketers of Organic Import and Export get their profits according to what is stipulated in the contract between them and us.

What will you get in return for this?

(Advantages of working with us as an agent for Organic Import and Export)

ü Innovative and ready-made solutions When you become an agent, the only thing you will need to do is sell.

ü A special website in your language and it will have links and information about our products.

ü Notarized agency certificate proving that you are an agent for Organic Import and Export.

ü You will have your own registration page and visitors browsing your website and registering will be sent to your email inbox.

ü You can see and calculate your daily discounts, commissions, and price increases in real time.

ü The ability to access customer reports, and help them solve their problems.

ü Obtaining discounts from Organic Import and Export on every purchase made by your customer. And as an agent for Organic Import and Export, you will receive a monthly report explaining

ü The number of trades your customer made, what financial services he purchased and how much he will pay you for them. All numbers will be taken from the Agent Agreement (IB).

We fully believe in collective progress and are always looking for partners, whether they are job seekers, owners of companies and similar websites, or serious investors.


Work with us as an e-marketer

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