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Project for the production of fish, shrimp, shellfish and aquatic organisms

The idea of ​​the project depends on the production of fish, shrimp, aquatic organisms (fresh water / salt water), shellfish and aquatic organisms for local production, through the establishment of specialized projects as follows:

Hatchery projects: to provide fish seed for fish farms and cages in areas where fish farming activity is concentrated in coastal governorates and governorates within which inland lakes are located.

Fish farming projects: in governorates that have beaches on lakes or seas or have private farms, such as the governorates of (Alexandria, Kafr El-Sheikh, Fayoum, Suez, Ismailia, Damietta, Port Said...etc), while working on opening fish markets outside the production governorates. In other governorates at the level of the Republic, and in the external market, especially the Arab countries, where fish farming is the third source of fish in Egypt after natural resources (seas and lakes) and is considered one of the most important sources of white meat.

A pilot feasibility study for a fish farm

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