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Online platform for international trade (Business-to-Business or B2B)


ALLB2B.BIZ is the first electronic platform for international trade that allows providing sufficient spaces for all Arab and foreign companies to register their data, products and services for free. The platform, supported by advanced technology technology, integrates, sorts, and follows up on local and international companies, and makes it easy to reach them quickly by clicking on the results of filters or search. It is also available Through the platform all languages ​​and countries of the world.

www.allB2B.biz provides a website

A number of advantages for companies wishing to export and import:

Cost-effective and low-risk: The online market is more cost-effective than native language translation and website development for all languages ​​of the world.

Easy to use and convenient: You can easily upload and translate content and edit your product pages. International inquiries are sent directly to your mailbox, so you can deal with them instantly and directly.

Global recognition: Your pages can be easily found on foreign search engines, which helps your business to grow abroad and increase your international brand.

Increase Website Visitors: Your website pages grow from visitors, which further increases your international presence.

International B2B Leads: Companies are able to display your pages in their own language, which makes them more likely to purchase your products and services.

Important Market Data: The online marketplace allows you to see where your inquiries are coming from and which countries are buying specific products and this allows you to learn about and profit from your best markets.

with www.allb2b.biz

 You can take advantage of the advantages of international trade without the traditional and time-consuming methods.

Global online B2B marketplace: www.allb2b.biz How does it work?

Research: Find keywords/search terms that people in different countries use to search for products and services like yours.

Writing: Create product pages in your language using an online template.

Translate: Translate your pages using the latest hybrid translation technology.

Publish: Your pages are published directly in the online marketplace.

Choose the level of service that suits you. You can do the whole process by yourself or ask a team

 www.allb2b.biz Carrying out all the tasks of import and export deals

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