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The other side of the Corona virus

Corona virus is a virus that threatens humanity in terms of health, but the presence of the virus in a country that is one of the largest economic forces in the world will affect the economic aspect as well, and therefore the Egyptian source and the Egyptian government should study the economic dependencies of this virus, and in this article we will address the consequences of this virus Economically and how to take advantage of the spread of this virus in China and its great abstention from production, manufacturing and export, and the suspension of many factories there to limit the spread of the virus, and some countries have stopped importing from it.

First: Production and export opportunities

China's GDP is about 17% of the global GDP, and a large number of factories have stopped due to the spread of the Corona virus, which leads to an inevitable result, which is the disappearance of most Chinese products from the Egyptian and Arab markets in particular and the rest of the world in general, and thus Egyptian producers and manufacturers must exploit This Chinese crisis and its transformation into an opportunity for Egyptian manufacturers and producers to pay the deficit and replace Chinese products with Egyptian products locally and in the Arab and foreign markets.

There are several sectors that are largely exported from China, which are household appliances, clothing, electronics, telephones, television and toys. The household appliances, clothing and toys sectors are widely present in Egyptian products, and this must be exploited by Egyptian manufacturers and producers in increasing their production and the tendency to increase the gap In the local and international market as well, and the search for new markets for their products was dependent on Chinese products, and the Egyptian product would become an alternative to it.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity that Egyptian producers, manufacturers and exporters must take advantage of to increase the share of Egyptian products, whether in the local or global market, and it must be taken into account that the matter needs speedy implementation and decision-making, because in the event that the treatment for the Corona virus begins and China returns to work, you will not be able to confront them and will return to your share current in the market.

Second: Investment opportunities in Egypt

As we believe that if the state takes advantage of the halt in production and factories in China, which leads to huge losses for investors in China, and trying to direct them to Egypt with many investment advantages, it will draw attention to Egypt as a strategic location and abundant employment for investors, and at the same time it will be an advantage for the Egyptian government to raise production rates. Increasing exports and providing job opportunities for young people and many other advantages that will lead to the prosperity of the country's economy.

But the time factor is the deciding factor between implementing the previous mechanisms in attracting investors or staying until the end of the Corona Virus crisis in China. Thus, we have escaped a golden opportunity from our hand. Therefore, we ask the officials to quickly take the decision and start opening the way for investors wishing to open their factories in Egypt with advantages. high investment.

And with this, we have finished our article today about the other side of the Corona virus, and that the crisis in some countries may be a blessing and an opportunity in other countries that must be exploited. This is our situation and our position with China and the Corona virus, and therefore manufacturers and producers must quickly exploit this opportunity, and the state must quickly open the way for investors.

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