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The importance of licenses that you should know before you start exporting!!!

In this article we will learn about:

Determine if you need an export license?

Other export requirements?

Discover the advantages of customs available to exporters?

Whether you are looking for a way to start your own export or are considering expanding your existing business, you need to determine if a license or permit is required before exporting a product outside Egypt

Suppose you want to export cooking utensils to Turkey. The first question that should be in your mind “Do I need a license or permission from someone to export this item to Turkey?” What about exporting vegetables? Are the rules different for exporting vegetables? What if you want to export adhesive bandages to Saudi Arabia?

Before you can export anything, you need to know if you are required to obtain a license from someone before shipping these products abroad, and in this article I will help you answer these questions. In the greater part of the article we will talk about the rules and regulations that you must In order to complete the export process and understand the requirements of the export process before you waste a lot of time thinking about the export project without knowing its requirements, in this article I will help you define the rules and regulations in force in the country.

Rules and licenses complementing the export process لعملية

Before you start exporting, you need to look at things like licensing and other regulations. I know no one likes to think about these technical aspects, but if you don't deal with these issues now, you'll have problems later. Anyone who wants to export knows it.

First: Export License:-

The complete guide for novice exporters

An export is any item that is sent from one country (in this case: Egypt) to a foreign destination. The item can be a commodity, a computer, software, or technology. It doesn't matter how you transport the item to the other country (via sea freight, air freight, mail, hand, and so on). Export can be a set of faxed charts, software downloaded from or to a website, or information Transmitted via email, all of these items may be considered export items, and may be subject to export licensing requirements.

Export licenses are an essential and important first step in the export process. At first, it may seem complicated and confusing, but for the most part the process is simple and straightforward, and there are only two categories to which a product can belong:

 No license required

There are some cases that do not require an export license, namely: (exports of public legal persons - samples and advertising materials - goods exported for the purpose of display in exhibitions abroad - gifts and other cases that do not require an export license).

 Certified export license required 

Violations of licensing regulations lead to civil and criminal penalties like any other crime. You must be aware of the type of licenses that must be obtained to facilitate the exit process of your products.

  In the past, some exporters were sentenced to fines of thousands of pounds, several

For years, they were placed on the travel ban list, all because they were convicted of exporting a product without a license.

Determine if you need a license

The percentage of items that are exported that require the issuance of an export license is very small. The Egyptian government issues export licenses for reasons of national security, foreign policy, or lack of supplies. To determine if an item requires an export license, you need to consider the questions that we will present in the following lines:

What are you exporting?

That is, what product will you export and what are the procedures for exporting this product to foreign markets.

What uses the item you are going to export?

If it is one of the items regulated by the Bank for International Settlements or not? They are those items classified as dual-use goods because they have both commercial and military applications. For example: If you export polygraph, weapons, ammunition, gas masks, telecommunications equipment, navigation equipment, etc., you must make a license before these goods can be exported.

To which country are you going to export?

Restrictions differ from one country to another and from one element to another. For example, you cannot export your products to countries with which we may have hostility, countries where there is a severing of relations between them and us, or countries that affect the national security of the country, and exporting products to these countries may lead to criminal and administrative penalties.

Criminal penalties can reach imprisonment for tens of years and millions of pounds, so you must know to which country you will export and whether the state agrees to that or not?

Who will receive your item?

Some individuals and organizations are also prohibited from receiving Egyptian exports, and others may not be allowed to export them unless the exporter holds a license. This may also apply to goods that do not normally require a license. The person who will receive your item may be listed as being involved in the development of weapons of mass destruction, for example, or involved in terrorist or drug trafficking.

Second: other export requirements

The export license is one of the requirements for exporting, but not all. There are many other requirements that you must meet when entering the field of export for the first time, and the following are the most important other requirements:

Food and Drug Administration requirements

Where food and drug products must include proof that this product is healthy and fit for use. Any license from the Egyptian Ministry of Health that this drug or product is valid and how valid is it?

EPA Notification Requirements

EPA's participation in exports is limited to hazardous wastes, pesticides, and toxic chemicals where

The EPA cannot prohibit the export of these materials, but a notification is made, informing the foreign government receiving the materials that they will enter their country.

And you can see if your product is subject to these rules and licenses or not? By knowing the specification of the country to which it will be exported and at the request of the importer, you can bring the specifications of foreign countries through the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality

Customs privileges available to exporters

The complete guide for novice exporters

As an exporter, you should be aware of the Egyptian customs benefits available to you as these benefits have been activated as a way to encourage the Egyptian government to encourage exporters, by enabling them to be able to compete in other countries without having to include in the selling price any fees paid on the exported goods, and from The most important of these features are:

Customs taxes and sales taxes are refunded upon re-export of foreign imported goods that are released as the final import fee. Taxes paid by the exporter upon importing these goods are refunded for re-export.

 Free trade agreements: which allow the exporter to export his products to countries that have a free trade agreement with Egypt very easily and with very suitable price offers for the foreign importer because he will not pay any customs duties on the products that you will export to him.

Free trade zones: Such as the free zone located near the Port Said seaport, where goods in this zone are exempt from customs and can be stored in these zones or even a manufacturing process or product modification is introduced there before exporting.

Rented Warehouses: Where you can rent a warehouse to put your goods in to keep them at the port of shipment until they are exported or until the export procedures are completed.

With this, we have finished this article, and we have discussed the rules, regulations, and licenses complementing the export process, and how they benefit as an exporter from the customs areas in Egypt before the product is exported abroad, and we will meet you in another article and another topic related to export, so follow us.

 Thank you for being one of the clients of Organic Import and Export, we sincerely appreciate your business and hope you will come back soon.