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Do you know what are the terms of export from Egypt?

Can I export any product abroad? Are there conditions for that? This is the topic of our article today, where we will discuss the conditions for exporting from Egypt and how you can meet these conditions to start heading from the local to the global, and you have sufficient knowledge of how this will be done and how to start with consistent steps stemming from your knowledge of all the details, so keep the following details well.

Does export require specific papers?

Yes, there is no doubt about that, as any project needs government papers to prove its existence and has an existing entity with valid and legal papers through which it can complete its transactions properly, and the export project also requires official papers like any project in order for the export operations to be carried out properly, and in the lines The following we will present the procedures for obtaining it for export from Egypt and the most important documents that must be available for export from Egypt.

First: Documents that do not belong to a specific product

These are the documents that any company wishing to export must have, regardless of the product you wish to export. These documents are:

Commercial Register: Where a commercial register must be obtained, which proves the existence of your company in the first place.

Tax card: You must have a tax card that proves that you are legally present and that you pay the required taxes periodically.

Export card: The export card requires that you meet the commercial register, the tax card, the certificate of the export practice course from the Foreign Trade Training Center (FTTC), and the personal card. You go to the General Organization for Export and Import Control and apply for registration in the Exporters Register and submit all the required documents. After approximately two weeks, the Sending you your export card.

Second: Documents that pertain to certain sectors

You should know that after completing the basic documents, there are other documents that must be completed according to the product you want to export, and this depends on the country to which you will export and also according to the sector and the product itself. The conditions for exporting medicines are completely different from the export of agricultural crops, but there are fixed documents for each sector that may add The importer must depend on the country in which he is located, and he may be satisfied with the documents that we will present in the sectors most exported from Egypt.

1- Conditions for exporting products in the agricultural crops sector

The agricultural crops sector is one of the most important sectors whose products are exported abroad, as there are many agricultural products in Egypt throughout the seasons of the year, making it one of the most important sectors for export. There are basic documents for exporting agricultural crops from Egypt, namely:

Phytosanitary certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture (Agricultural Quarantine).

A document proving the licensing process, which is a health certificate from the agricultural quarantine.

Proof of farm code from agricultural quarantine.

Making a certificate for the authority through which the export is made (the export company) from the Ministry of Agriculture.

2- Conditions for exporting products in the food industry sector

The food industry sector is one of the important sectors in exporting, as its products are exported in huge quantities from Egypt, and for the export of its products, the following documents are required:

A document that proves the authenticity and quality of the foodstuffs you wish to export from Egypt. This document is considered an export license.

A health certificate for foodstuffs proving that they are fit for human consumption and obtained from the Ministry of Health.

3- Conditions for exporting products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector is one of the most important sectors whose products are exported from Egypt. For the export of medicines and cosmetics, it must meet the following requirements:

Medical products licensing certificate from the Ministry of Health.

Certificate of sales process from Egypt also from the Ministry of Health.

4- Conditions for exporting products in the animal products sector

There are several documents that must be extracted if you wish to export animal products and these requirements are:

A veterinary health certificate from the Ministry of Health.

Health license for export from Egypt from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Certificate of origin from the Ministry of Agriculture.

With this, we have finished our article today, in which we discussed the conditions for exporting from Egypt and many information regarding the products that are exported from Egypt and the most important documents for each of them. The importer may be satisfied with them and may request additional documents according to the country to which the export will be made and the nature of the product itself. You can learn how to reach Imported by subscribing to the e-commerce platform www.allb2b.biz, which provides you with everything you want to know about exporting and we transfer to you tens of years of experience in exporting to be ready to implement export orders immediately.

 Thank you for being one of the customers of Organic Import and Export, we sincerely appreciate your business and hope you will come back soon.

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