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A new action plan to avoid banning Egyptian exports, "Agricultural Quarantine"

Dr. Ahmed Kamal, head of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine, said that the Agricultural Quarantine Department will be subject to a new action plan to avoid losses resulting from banning many agricultural crops last year as a result of errors made in the examination and follow-up of shipments of these products. In this article, we will talk in detail about this plan and how it will affect in a way Positive on increasing Egyptian exports and ensuring the quality of exported products.

Restructuring the agricultural quarantine system

Dr. Ahmed Kamal said that the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture in the coming period is to implement a new plan through which the agricultural quarantine system will be restructured and developed to suit the size and sensitivity of the work entrusted to it. The development plan will be divided into four main axes, namely:

First: electronic connectivity

Where all quarantine ports, ports and airports will be electronically linked to an electronic operations room, explaining that the new system will allow tracking all procedures and works that take place in ports and airports through the central administration of plant quarantine. Kamal also said that there is coordination between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Military Production to automate all quarantine work. And the establishment of a website through which any exporter or importer can inquire about the conditions and procedures for exporting or importing any agricultural products and submitting requests for inspection.

Second: Appointment of random examination committees

Kamal added that the new system will allow the appointment of random examination committees, and the committee will be notified electronically of the date and place of the examination. After the examination is completed, the result will be recorded electronically, and the agricultural documents and certificates will be extracted and sent to the importing countries. Thus, we will ensure that the documents related to the examination of Egyptian exports are not tampered with.

Third: Developing the Agricultural Quarantine Headquarters

The third axis is the development of the old plantation quarantine headquarters and the establishment of a new plant quarantine headquarters instead of occupying the rooms of the Egyptian Cotton Improvement Fund building, so that we can adequately receive foreign delegations.

Fourth: Preparing new human cadres

Finally, the door of assignment to the agricultural quarantine will be opened with specific conditions and specifications, and it will be necessary to prepare training and qualification courses for the new entrants in order to prepare new human cadres.

This great development in the agricultural quarantine system was prepared after the losses suffered by Egyptian exports last year, after banning a number of agricultural crops from entering several international markets, including guava, to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, after the importing authorities claimed that they were contaminated with pesticide residues above the internationally permissible limit. .

 In this article, we discussed the upcoming plan that the ministry will implement to get rid of all the loopholes and problems facing the agricultural quarantine system and to limit the ban on Egyptian exports of agricultural crops in global markets. The plan is divided into four axes: (electronic connectivity - appointment of random inspection committees - development of quarantine headquarters Agricultural - preparing new human cadres) and see you in another article and new information.