Barhi Dates




Egyptian Fresh Barhi Dates  exports the highest quality to any destination.

Barhe or (Barhi) (from Arabic Barh, a hot wind) —more rounded variety of Date that is soft and creamy.  These sweet delicious Dates just melt in your mouth, light amber to dark brown when ripe; with thick flesh and rich flavor. It tastes semi-sweet and is as crisp as apples.

These Dates are very healthy and contain a good amount of nutrition that can help us to stay fit. You can also make the good recipe out of these Dates like Dates shake and much more. This year there is a good production of Dates so there will be high demand during its season, the production is available now. So please do contact us during the season starting so that we can supply you the fresh and best quality of Barhi Dates by the most competitive prices.

  • ­­HS Code: 080410
  • Sizes: Small – Medium – Large
  • Packing: 4.50 Kg. N.W 5.00 Kg G.W
  • Pack Type: Carton “protecting papers inside”
  • Shipping: Air Shipment.
  • Season: July to October



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